Vuhus Island

Vuhus Island. OK. First things first. If you’re into bar crawl and partying crowds, sex hotels that have an adult channel already on for you, nasty pedophiles, prostitutes who don’t give up for as long as you have enough Benjamins to pay her, then you may leave now and don’t waste your precious time beacause you won’t find that kind of stuff here. But if pristine long white sand beaches that’s also a good spot for running gets you excited, you’re in luck.

Vuhus Island is one of the islands of Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines. It’s a cattle ranching island with an exquisite unspoiled long white sand beaches, an extensive coral reef and an ancient burial (Jar-Burial) ground.

note the ancient remains

ancient remains

ancient skull

The uninhabited island rich in history can be reached by an 8hp round-hulled fishing boat called falowa that’s being tossed around by the ocean swells like cork in a washing machine from Barangay Nakanmuan on the western side of Sabtang Island.

Roger, an able fisherman from Barangay Nakanmuan, Sabtang Island and his falowa, a traditional Ivatan boat (now usually motorized) dates back to pre-Hispanic period with no outrigger that skims the stormy Batanes sea.

3 thoughts on “Vuhus Island

  1. muy muy

    Nice photos jefrox! Now I miss the place even more! 😐 Going to this place (or Batanes in general) is one of the best travel experiences that I really treasure. The place is so quiet and serene – it’s as if the world is inviting you to dream.

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  3. Ryan

    thanks for having interest on vuhos island… really must visit place!

    nice shots you have too… ikaw na! 🙂


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