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Last summer on an epic trip to Kibungan, Benguet I slipped going down a steeply sloped concrete pavement passing a small community because of an algal growth. I fell on my knee and twisted the joint just a few kms away from the starting point. There’s a mild pain on the inside of the knee but no swelling.  I can walk and run but have a hard time on downhills and bending the knee sideways. That night has been a long one and as expected the next day, pain is even worse to the point that I couldn’t bend my knee at first but after a few kms as soon as the knee got warmed up, it felt a little better and got back to hiking-running. That Grade I Medial Collateral Ligament injury and torrential downpour in the late afternoon didn’t stop me from having one hell of a good day.

After a few days of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) protocol, all work and no play, the injury is settling down. And with proper rehabilitation, it finally healed up and the outdoor rat is out and about again after getting a little grouchy holding down the couch for weeks which made even a short scorchingly hot mountain run put a big grin on his face.

Mount Batulao Nasugbu Batangas

scorchingly hot first loop

chasing Mr. V along the rugged rocky ridge

after the second loop

very grateful to be back out there!

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