Mount Sembrano

The 2444 feet Mount Sembrano with scenic view in Pililla, Rizal has been once a treadmill to me. The trails are challenging with a wide rough road which leads to an uneven rocky terrain.

There’s an area called “Manggahan”, yea! lots of mango trees and to the right is a trail going down to a small falls with cool refreshing water.

descending to the falls

to rehydrate, yea! this is the best rehydrating liquid!

and beat the heat! cool refreshing water

The trails become moderately steep after Manggahan then there will be the beautiful grassy slopes with awesome view of Laguna de Bay and Talim Island with its Tagapo peak. A FUNnishing upHELL will lead you to the North Peak with a magnificent view of Southern Tagalog mountains namely Mount Banahaw, Mount Banahaw de Lucban, Mount Cristobal and Mount Makiling.

FUNnishing upHELL

Then a short run through tall grasses and you’ll reach the South peak (summit) with spectacular view of Sierra Madre Peaks.

Now get the hell out there!

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