Gaiters are garments worn over the shoe, used primarily as personal protective gear. They’re brilliant for keeping debris out of your shoes that may cause hot spots and blisters. However, with the use of imperfect materials on warm weather, it traps perspiration inside the shoe, so your foot will bathe in its own sweat.

AHON Gaiters

AHON Gaiters

WHY? Because it’s Made in the PHILIPPINES, not overseas by children in sweatshops, engineered by PINOY outdoorsmen athletes for trail runners, fastpackers, hikers and backpackers.

Why two? Don’t be an I-culture type of person, bring one for your friend.

AHON’s trail gaiters are highly breathable, extremely light, not restrictive, has an excellent design work and well-made. They did a really good job with the stitching.

They did their job of keeping the gunk out, and not a PITA to use.

If this photo ain’t proof enough how AHON gaiters keep stuff out of your shoes, I don’t know what is.

How to put AHON gaiters

AHON proudly supports the Pinoy athletes who shall be racing Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France.

Designed by Ms. Nini Andrada Sacro, this particular design is a collaboration between AHON and Climb Against Cancer, part of the sales will be donated to CAC foundation.

Buy local products to minimize your carbon footprint and support the economic growth of the community. Be a Filipino-product supporter.

Keep it simple, keep it local.

Php950, shipped right to your doorstep. e-mail to order.

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