Crows Craft Brewing Co.

Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City
t: (02) 211 4999


not for everyone

Carte Blanche
White IPA
7% ABV  |  30 IBU

‘Carte Blanche’ is a White IPA by Crows Craft Brewing Co. By taking the Hefeweizen to another level, Crows has amplified its bitter notes and aroma using high-alpha acid hops early during the boil and infusing a selection of aroma hops, citrus peels and coriander. This one very hoppified Hefeweizen they like to call ‘Jefe de Hefes’ or the ‘Boss’ of the Hefeweizen is aptly named ‘Carte Blanche’, to express its freedom from rules and limitations.


De Puta Madre
Double IPA
8% ABV  |  120 IBU

De Puta Madre!: In Spain, this phrase or expression connotates a high compliment meaning that something is the coolest or best of its kind similar to the phrases like “the bomb”, “the shit” or “this is sick”. This is Crows flagship craft brew. Pulling-out all the stops, this 2xIPA is extremely hoppified in both taste and aroma, as shown in its IBUs exceeding 100 and an ABV of 8%. This is not for everyone. This is brewed by HopHead for HopHeads. This brew best exemplifies the Crow mission: “We brew the beer we want to see in this world.”


Mala Hierba
7% ABV  |  77 IBU

‘MALA HIERBA’ or ‘Bad Weed’ is Spanish is an India Pale Ale/IPA by Crows Craft Brewing Co. Crows celebrates the HOP in this brew without having too overwhelm. This hop-fest of flavor and aroma tips the scale at 77 IBUs with a 7% ABV. De Puta Madres’ younger brother – MALA HIERBA, is a play between bittering and aroma hop variants cascading thru the brew like ‘bad weed’ that never dies ergo; MALA HIERBA, NUNCA MUERE!


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