Craftpoint Brewing Co.


Craftpoint Brewing Co. is a gang of passionate homebrewers, brewing their own all-natural beer in their little garage. It’s amazing how much they’ve grown now but they’re still local and independent.

Belgian/American Pale Ale
5.5% ABV | 23.8 IBU

This one’s smooooth, innovative, and bold: one that will liberate you from the usual bland beer.
Flavorful, caramel maltiness, toasty/nutty, citrus notes, smooth bitterness.

Mangus Indicus
5.6% ABV

This pays homage to the South Asian subcontinent with a fruity, distinct beer with the fragrance of mangoes and the bitter bite of an IPA.
Tasty, exquisite bitterness, lingering hops.
Wonderful beer.

Belgian IPA
7.5% ABV | 60 IBU

This is a bastard love child of a Tripel and an IPA.
A revolutionary melding of two styles. An unlikely marriage of brash intensity and elegance, both hoppy bitterness and sophisticated Belgian complexity.
This one’s sneaky: pour it out and it looks nice and light, a pale yellow color of friendliness. But take a sip and you will be deceived—this one will knock everything else out of your mind.
Tropical fruit hints, slight peppery spice notes, bitterness, clean finish.

Belgian Tripel
9.5% ABV

Rastripel is a Tripel ale infused with an aratilis (Jamaica Cherry), straight from one of the brewer’s trees in his backyard.
Fuity, soft alcohol and low hop nose. It doesn’t taste strongly of alcohol and I find the bitterness a bit less, perhaps it is masked by the nice sweetness. Medium bodied. Smooth finish.
Refreshing and easily drinkable for a Belgian Triple.
No, there’s no weed in this beer whatsoever. But this brew will still make you high… with awesomeness!

Drink local to keep your eco-impact low and support the local economy.

EDSA Beverage Design Studio: 209 EDSA southbound lane, Mandaluyong-Greenhills
m: +63 932 394 8070

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