Chavayan Village

Chavayan is a ravishing Ivatan village in Sabtang Island, the southernmost island municipality of the Batanes island group.

Chavayan village is nestled against the mountains and caressed by the sea on the other side. Farming and fishing is the main source of livelihood of the Ivatans here.

aerial view of Chavayan village

Chavayan village is known for its old stone houses with cogon roofs as thick as their solid-stone walls which were made with powdered limestone and corals. The thick walls provide warmth and protection against hostile climate.

Sta. Rosa de Lima chapel, the only remaining church in Batanes with cogon roof

Electricity is rationed here, stops at 12 midnight and resumes at 6 o’clock in the morning.

At night, they pass time by playing chess, not with those portable electronic devices that ran out of batteries while outdoors.

Happy Holidays from Chavayan!